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  1. Plural of key


  1. third-person singular of key

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Key may refer to:
  • Key (instrument)—musical instruments have keys for tuning and keys for playing
  • Key (music), a set of notes
  • Key signature, in musical notation(s)
  • Clef, the symbol that assigns note names to the lines and spaces of the musical staff
  • Key, a map legend or caption
  • Key Island, Tasmania, Australia
  • Cay—pronounced "key" and often spelled that way—a small, low island
    • Florida Keys, an archipelago of about 1700 such islands in the southeast United States
  • Key frame, a frame made by an animator from which other frames are derived
  • Key light, the primary light source that illuminates an image or scene
  • Key plate, a plate which prints the detail in an image, often using the color black
  • Black, in the CMYK color model
  • Key (comics), a DC Comics supervillain
  • Keyblade, a key-shaped weapon used by Sora, the main character of the Kingdom Hearts series

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choir, claviature, console, crook, crosier, echo, eighty-eight, fingerboard, great, ivories, keyboard, manual, miter, organ manual, pallium, pastoral staff, pedals, piano keys, red hat, ring, solo, swell, tiara, triple crown
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